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Legal Mapping

When purchasing or selling a property it is vital to ensure that all boundaries relating to the subject property from the relevant folio map of the property match the actual boundaries on the ground. It often happens that there can be discrepancies between the the folio map and the actual boundaries on the ground. This can happen for several reasons such as fences which have been altered over time, or a verbal agreement may have taken place for the transfer of a parcel of land which was subsequently never recorded on the folio map. This can lead to a number of legal issues if not resolved before the sale or purchase of a property.

At Diarmuid Keane + Associates, we survey and measure all of the relevant boundaries of the property and produce a cad generated electronic map of the property to precisely outline and calculate its area. This map is then used to register a parcel of land for the first time or to alter an existing parcel of land if required.

We also prepare land registry maps and detailed floor plans for the first registration of apartments or multi user developments. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

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