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At Diarmuid Keane + Associates, we offer a complete architectural design service which can be altered to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, renovate or extend your existing home or add an attic conversion, we have the design skills and flair that can make your dream a reality.

We design each project to suit the needs and requirements of the clients. Whether you are looking for a modern top of the range house or a standard budget design, Diarmuid Keane + Associates have the design skills and experience to make your dream home a reality.

We believe that the clients should have a major impact in the design of their project and so for that reason we ensure to engage with the client from the very beginning of the project in order to get a feel for their design tastes and project requirements. We will work closely with the client from start to finish of the project in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Initial Draft Design

Following an initial meeting with the client to discuss the brief and to ascertain the client requirements and needs, we will prepare an initial draft design which we will present to the client at the next meeting. The initial draft design will reflect the client requirements but will also reflect the design ideas and flair of Diarmuid Keane + Associates.

It must be noted that the initial draft design can be altered and amended as often as necessary until the client is happy with the final design. We also understand that clients may change their mind or their requirements may change after the final design will be agreed and in such situations we are happy to alter and amend the drawings further as required.

Architectural Design

Once we have agreed the final design with the client, the next step is to prepare drawings suitable for planning application purposes if necessary. We will prepare the relevant drawings as required and all drawings will contain detailed specification as to how the proposed building or extension will comply with current building regulations and planning legislation. We arrange and attend a meeting with the planner from the local authority if we think it is necessary. This will help to ensure that they are happy with the proposal before we submit the application.

Once the planning application has been submitted, we will keep an eye on the application and maintain contact with the local authority in order to ensure the planning application process runs smoothly. We will also respond to any requests for further information from the local authority and attend any subsequent meetings required to ensure the successful acceptance of your application.
We have extensive experience in managing planning applications in Clare and in other counties and our success rate is second to none.

Tender Stage

For the majority of projects we would recommend you leave nothing to chance and have a detailed tender package prepared. When you are ready to build and are looking for a contractor to carry out the works, Diarmuid Keane + Associates can prepare the tender package on your behalf. The tender package will include a detailed set of drawings including plans, elevations, sections, enlarged details, foundations plans, lighting plans etc. Each building element will be annotated and will include material and product specification. This makes it easier for the contractors to price and allows for a more accurate estimate on their part.

We enjoy a good relationship with numerous contractors and sub contractors throughout Clare and this helps is beneficial to the client when we are involved in managing the tender and construction process.

Complete Design Service

Our complete architectural design service minimises the stress on the client when building or extending their home. We can take complete control of the project if required and we report back to the client. Further to the previously mentioned stages, we will continue to work with you throughout the construction process.

We will supervise work on site, amend construction drawings as required, hold weekly site meetings as required and keep the client up to date as to the of progress on a daily basis.


We design each project to suit the needs and requirements of the clients.


We provide valuable professional services which may be helpful to you when buying, building or selling a building.


As Building Engineers and Surveyors we provide detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase survey reports, structural surveys, snag lists and condition surveys.

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