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Diarmuid Keane + Associates provide a wide ranging collection of building and construction engineering services. We provide valuable professional services which may be helpful to you when buying, building or selling a building.

The technical advice that we offer can help you decide whether or not a project is feasible. We are familiar with the constantly changing building regulations and legislation and so this allows us to offer a quality professional service to our clients.

Construction Supervision

Having a construction professional such as a Building Engineer or a qualified Building Surveyor supervision the construction process on your behalf can help ensure that the construction is being carried out in the correct manner and in compliance with the relevant building regulations and standards.

Our construction supervision service will take all the hassle and headaches out of the construction process for the client as we will be on site on a regular basis to make decisions and solve problems as they arise. We will liaise with the contractors, sub-contractors, clients etc in order to ensure the construction is carried properly.

Mortgage and Stage Payment Certificates

When you appoint Diarmuid Keane + Associates as the main consultant on your construction project we will handle the building contract on your half and this will include us undertaking several interim site inspections throughout the construction works in order to ensure that the works are carried out in compliance with the contract and the relevant Building Regulations. We will prepare the Stage Payment Certificates for the relevant bank or lending institution if required.

Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Compliance are required for the majority of new build works as well as for alterations or extensions to existing properties. The role of the Cert of Compliance is to certify that the relevant works have been undertaken in compliance with any planning permission and the relevant Building Regulations. Diarmuid Keane + Associates prepare Certificates of Compliance in accordance with the Law Society of Ireland Conveyancing Handbook.

We provide Certificates of Compliance on works that we have designed and supervised ourselves. Furthermore, we can provide Opinions of Compliance on projects where we were not involved on either the design on supervision of the structure. In such situations, we will visit the local authority planning office and inspect the relevant planning file. This allows us to compare the planning drawings and documents to the structure as constructed and to issue an opinion on compliance with planning permission.

We also provide Certificates of Exemption from Planning Permission where required. These certificates are often required in situations whereby a person is selling their property and the solicitor requires a Certificate of Exemption to certify that planning permission was not required for an extension to the property, for example.

Boundary Disputes

We provide the professional services that can assist you when there is a dispute over a property boundary. Boundary disputes are extremely common due to lack of clarity as to what exactly constitutes a legal boundary. It is impossible to correctly read a property boundary off a map as the map does not show the width or the make up of the boundary.

This is a common mistake made by people when trying to ascertain their boundaries. In order to ascertain the correct legal boundaries, it is important to engage the services of a construction professional such as a qualified Building Surveyor.

Legal Mapping

When purchasing or selling a property it is vital to ensure that all boundaries relating to the subject property from the relevant folio map of the property match the actual boundaries on the ground. It often happens that there can be discrepancies between the the folio map and the actual boundaries on the ground. This can happen for several reasons such as fences which have been altered over time, or a verbal agreement may have taken place for the transfer of a parcel of land which was subsequently never recorded on the folio map. This can lead to a number of legal issues if not resolved before the sale or purchase of a property.

At Diarmuid Keane + Associates, we survey and measure all of the relevant boundaries of the property and produce a cad generated electronic map of the property to precisely outline and calculate its area. This map is then used to register a parcel of land for the first time or to alter an existing parcel of land if required.

We also prepare land registry maps and detailed floor plans for the first registration of apartments or multi user developments. Please contact us for a competitive quote. Maps are generally turned around within 24 to 48 hours.

Fire Certificates

Fire Safety Certificates (FSC) are important documents that show that adequate escape facilities are available within a building. A Fire Safety Certificate will also show that the building is designed and constructed so as to limit and prevent the spread of the fire. All buildings are required to comply with Part B (Fire) of the Building Regulations 1997 – 2010.

Under current Building Regulations, Fire Safety Certificates are required for all new commercial properties or in the case of existing buildings, if a material change of use, material alteration or increase in floor area is proposed.

Disability Access Certificates

A Disability Access Certificate (DAC) is required in order to certify that buildings (except dwelling houses) comply with the requirements of the Technical Guidance Document Part M which is the legislative basis for the provision of universally accessible buildings. A DAC application must be undertaken an the design stage of a project and is generally submitted to the relevant Building Control Authority along with the fire safety certificate application. It is compulsory for all new buildings which are used frequented by members of the general public to have a disability access certificate for the property.

With regard to existing buildings, a DAC will be required if you wish to carry out works to the building which would be regarded as material alterations, as long as the building is compliant with planning permission and has a valid fire safety certificate.

Diarmuid Keane + Associates can complete disability access certificates for both new buildings and after alterations have been made to existing buildings. We have experience in completing disability access certificates for both new buildings and after alterations have been made to existing buildings.


We design each project to suit the needs and requirements of the clients.


We provide valuable professional services which may be helpful to you when buying, building or selling a building.


As Building Engineers and Surveyors we provide detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase survey reports, structural surveys, snag lists and condition surveys.

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