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Snag Lists

A snag list is an in-depth informative report, which identifies any areas of poor workmanship, building defects, non-compliance with building regulations or un-finished items within a dwelling. Snag lists are generally required for newly built houses whereby the client will require the snag list be undertaken before the contractor finishes up on site. Snag Lists are also required when prospective purchasers are buying a house from the developer and the snag list should be undertaken before final handover of the keys from the developer.

Having a snag list carried out by a suitably qualified personnel, can save the client a lot of money in the long run. To the un-trained eye, a house may look like it has been finished perfectly. However, it is often the case that on completion of a snag list by suitably qualified personnel, many issues have been highlighted, which if left un-treated, would develop in to big issues in the long run and therefore would be an un-necessary added expense for the client.

Snag Lists should be carried out on all new built properties or renovations, whether it is a new purchase or not. Diarmuid Keane + Associates’ Snag Lists often contain over one hundred or more items. For peace of mind, please contact us to carry out a Snag List on your behalf.

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