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Disability Access Certificates

A Disability Access Certificate (DAC) is required in order to certify that buildings (except dwelling houses) comply with the requirements of the Technical Guidance Document Part M which is the legislative basis for the provision of universally accessible buildings. A DAC application must be undertaken an the design stage of a project and is generally submitted to the relevant Building Control Authority along with the fire safety certificate application.

It is compulsory for all new buildings which are used frequented by members of the general public to have a disability access certificate for the property.

With regard to existing buildings, a DAC will be required if you wish to carry out works to the building which would be regarded as material alterations, as long as the building is compliant with planning permission and has a valid fire safety certificate.

Diarmuid Keane + Associates can complete disability access certificates for both new buildings and after alterations have been made to existing buildings.

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