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We understand that purchasing a new home or other building will likely be the biggest investment that one will make in their lifetime. Therefore, it is important that you have peace of mind that the building is in good condition and fit for purpose. This can be investigated by a qualified construction professional by way of a pre purchase building survey.

The cost of having a pre purchase survey carried out is minimal when compared to the cost of your new house and may in fact save you thousands of Euros in unforeseen costs. Diarmuid Keane + Associates offer a wide range of property surveying services across Clare and the Mid-West Region to prospective house buyers.

As Building Engineers and Surveyors we provide detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase survey reports, structural surveys, snag lists and condition surveys on all types of properties.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

A Pre-Purchase Survey, also commonly referred to as a structural survey, is a detailed inspection of a building or property in order to ascertain its current physical condition. At Diarmuid Keane + Associates, we carry out pre purchase surveys on behalf of clients prior to them purchasing a residential, commercial or industrial property. The results of our surveys will be recorded in detailed reports and backed up with photographs and sketches where required.

The completed report outlines the current condition of the structure and will offer suggestions for the remedy of any defects or issues that have been encountered within the property. If required, we can also offer a detailed costing outlining all costs associated with the rectifying any defects found within the property.

The contents of the pre purchase survey report will aid the prospective purchaser in deciding in whether or not to proceed with the purchase. Alternatively, the pre purchase survey report can be used as a bargaining tool by the client by using any defects or legal issues outlined within the report to negotiate a better purchase price.

Please contact Diarmuid Keane + Associates if you are purchasing a house in Clare or the greater mid-west region and we would be happy to carry out a pre-purchase survey on your behalf.

Condition Surveys & Reports

Diarmuid Keane + Associates provides Condition Surveys or Structural Dilapidation surveys on all types of properties. Condition surveys and reports are often required prior to the commencement of construction works on a property adjacent to the relevant property subject to the survey.

The condition survey and report is basically a snapshot in time of the condition of a building or structure. The report will record all visible defects, services etc within a building. This report can later be consulted in the event of any claims of defects or problems arising from the construction works. The condition survey will safeguard the interests of all parties.

Snag Lists

A snag list is an in-depth informative report, which identifies any areas of poor workmanship, building defects, non-compliance with building regulations or un-finished items within a dwelling. Snag lists are generally required for newly built houses whereby the client will require the snag list be undertaken before the contractor finishes up on site. Snag Lists are also required when prospective purchasers are buying a house from the developer and the snag list should be undertaken before final handover of the keys from the developer.

Having a snag list carried out by a suitably qualified personnel, can save the client a lot of money in the long run. To the un-trained eye, a house may look like it has been finished perfectly. However, it is often the case that on completion of a snag list by suitably qualified personnel, many issues have been highlighted, which if left un-treated, would develop in to big issues in the long run and therefore would be an un-necessary added expense for the client.

Snag Lists should be carried out on all new built properties or renovations, whether it is a new purchase or not. Diarmuid Keane + Associates’ Snag Lists often contain over one hundred or more items. For peace of mind, please contact us to carry out a Snag List on your behalf.

Measured Surveys

We carry out comprehensive measured surveys of land and buildings, the results of which are then translated in to a AutoCad drawing. This service can be required for a number of reasons including setting out, planning applications, recording location of services etc. Please contact Diarmuid Keane + Associates for further information.


We design each project to suit the needs and requirements of the clients.


We provide valuable professional services which may be helpful to you when buying, building or selling a building.


As Building Engineers and Surveyors we provide detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase survey reports, structural surveys, snag lists and condition surveys.

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